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Animal Chiropractic
Equine:   Chiropractic care is a valuable treatment option whether you have a performance horse of any dicipline, a trail horse, a retired senior horse, or a young horse just starting out. Conditions that may benefit from chiropractic work include: arthritis, conformation issues causing lameness, lameness of an unknown cause, performance issues (won't pick up the correct lead, reluctance when saddling, intermittent lameness, head tossing when riding, abnormal or new sensitivities).

Cattle:   Chiropractic care is beneficial for any age animal from wet calves to the dry flush cow.  Calves benefit from chiropractic care if they are born with a head tilt, the inability to stand,  or if they develop a structural abnormality early in life.  Adult cattle benefit from chiropractic care if they are having reproductive issues, difficulty getting up, seem crampy, or if they are having difficulty with locomotion.

Dogs and Cats:   Animals of all ages benefit from chiropractic care.  Some of the conditions that benefit include: abrupt changes in behavior, neck pain, pain or sensitivity to the touch, unusual licking or biting at skin, lameness of an unknown cause, incontinence, abnormal stance or sitting position, hind end weakness, disc disease, spinal injury, hip dysplasia, feline hyperesthesia syndrome, and spondylosis.
Lake to Lake Veterinary Chiropractic Services
At Lake to Lake Veterinary Chiropractic LLC, we provide patients and clients with high quality veterinary, chiropractic, and acupuncture services personalized for their unique needs. 
Equine Dentistry
Dentistry is an important part of your horse's annual wellness plan.  We recommend that by the age of 2 or 3 your horse should have their first dental exam.  It is important that your horse's teeth be floated before or shortly after they have a bit in their mouth for the first time and then checked annually.  

We have the ability to hand float your horse's teeth or to use a power float.  Power  floating provides several benefits to your horse.  These include less time in the mouth during the dental, longer interval between dentals, less traumatic to the horse, and it provides a more precise​ dental float.  Our power float is equipped with water irrigation to reduce heating of the teeth, which prevents tooth damage.   It also has variable speeds to allow for a more precise and safer dental.
Dr. Sara adjusting a Budweiser Clydesdale
​By strategically placing small acupuncture needles to a desired depth within the musculature, acupuncture can benefit horses, cattle, dogs and cats by decreasing inflammation and pain associated with organ systems, joints, muscles and soft tissue structures (tendon, ligaments and fascia).
We utilize an ActiVet 4000 laser. Laser light therapy penetrates tissue, at the cellular level, to varying depths dependent on the wavelength of light selected.  The cells utilize the light to increase blood supply to the area and decrease inflammation.
Cold Laser Light Therapy
Cattle Chiropractic
Equine Acupuncture